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My name is Lollie (ne/nem/nir). I'm a design and media student from AUS. I'm so many levels of weird a gross i put 13 y/o scene kids to shame. My goal is to make u hate me Half as much as I hate myself, then maybe I'll stop quoting Fall Out Boy. Art blog: @just-notso-magcialart

Miku's bad night

Space Pirate Gang

Art Fight #10

Character by NoisyRobots on Art fight

My cyberpunk dnd character ShrimpCrusher_9000

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DND stands for Dungeons and Dragons, a licensed product. TTRPG (table top role playing game) is the genre.

Gemsonas for me and my buds

@lolliepops-rox helped with some of the designs

This was mostly just practice with drawing clothing folds but I like how it turned out!

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hi what the fuck does this mean

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for those wondering: this is her explaining why she named her and musk's kid X AE A-12 (yes the spaces are included).

i lost my mind when i looked this up and am now fully feral.

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i m s 0 r r r y ? . . .

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Happy Birthday Lowell!

[ID: Lowell, floating in a spaceship, surrounded by birthday gifts and cake. A blue planet makes the backdrop of the video call he's in. /End ID]

Heres my part of an animedlley piece for uni

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An Anonymous user asked:

cute girl, more like the smellest girl >XP

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I know this is you Lollie your the smelly one here

here is my k k slider album art trend gping on at twitter with will wood

here is my k k slider album art trend gping on at twitter with will wood

You get $3 off if your commission with me has something to do with guy fieri

Idk a girl who is really into the night sky

Would you stop playing with that radio?

Bunch of random dc sketches to learn how to draw them in my style

Got a lovely fursona commission from @lolliepops_rox

So Bojack Horseman ended... :(


Your villager being abducted by 👾

Send me an emoji and your favorite animal crossing villager and I'll draw something to combine them!

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my piece for ladystuck2020! Bunnyknickers wanted "SPACE ROXY" and im here to deliver :D

Wowie i actually made an oc with a reference sheet and everything

So i started your turn to die and I fell instanly in love with reko